HST 812 - Research Seminar in Modern
United States History: Twentieth-Century Mass Politics, Fall 2000

Fall 2002

Welcome to HST 812, a research seminar in modern United States history on twentieth-century mass politics. This course is a graduate research seminar in modern United States political history. The focus will be on collective action and mass politics. Our readings will encompass a wide range of approaches and span the course of the twentieth century. We will lo ok at how, when, and why American have acted together politically and in what ways this has changed over the last hundred years. Seminar discussions will center on how historians have explained political behavior.

This course has an electronic discussion list, HST812, to faciltate further discussion. All members of the class are expected to participate in this electronic discussion list. Before we meet each week, everyone will be expected to post a response to the week's readings on HST812. I also expect students to utilize the list to extend our discussions beyond the classroom after we conclude out in-class discussion. Information about how to subscribe and use the discussion list, along with the HST812 logs can be accessed from this site. The logs from the discussion list will allow students to look back over the class discussions and to cite such discussions, when appropriate, in their written work.

The course syllabus can also be directly accessed from this site. Additional materials and resources may be added at future dates.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Mark Kornbluh at mark@mail.matrix.msu.edu.
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