HST 801 -
Historiography: The U.S.
Since 1865, Spring 2004
HST 801
U.S. Historiography from 1865

Spring 2004
Tuesdays 3:00-5:50 p.m.
300 Auditorium

PROFESSOR: Mark Kornbluh

Welcome to HST 801, Historiography of the United States Since 1865. This course is a graduate reading seminar in modern United States historiography. Our readings and discussions will focus on interpretive historical works on the central issues in twentieth-century political, social and cultural history.
This course includes an online discussion list and this webpage. The HST 801 discussion list is a forum for seminar members to discuss their ideas about and reactions to the course materials. Information about how to subscribe to and use the discussion list, along with the HST 801 logs can be accessed from this site. The HST 801 logs will allow seminar participants to look back over past conversations on the discussion list, and will enable them to cite such discussions, when appropriate, in their written work. The discussion list will also be used to distribute additional course material.

The course syllabus can also be directly accessed from this site. Additional materials and resources may be added at future dates.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Mark Kornbluh at mark@mail.matrix.msu.edu
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