Attendance is taken at each class session. Come prepared to discuss the readings, thoughtful class participation will raise your grade.


Because this course asks you to present your ideas in written assignments I hope that this course will offer students the opportunity to improve their writing skills. Many students may profit from the purchase of the short but essential book written by William Strunk and E.B. White entitled, Elements of Style. This book should help you effectively express your ideas in brief but concise papers.
Everyone can profit from working with the Writing Center if they have difficulty with these types of assignments. They are located in 300 Bessey Hall and their number is: 432-3610.
Your final grade is based on the successful completeion of five book reviews, a midterm, and a final examination. The book reviews will be averaged to obtain 1/3 of your grade and the mid-term and final exams will each equal 1/3 of your grade. Students who wish to complete an honors option in this course will read and complete a 5-7 page book review. The honors option book review is due on the last day of class.

Book Review Guidelines
A two page summary of your reaction to each book is due in class on the day indicated on the assignment sheet. Your brief review of each book should deal with three questions: 1. An introductory paragraph that identifies the main thesis or author's argument; 2. One to three paragraph summary of the book; 3. An evaluation of how successfully the author has proven his or her thesis. Students not familiar with how to write a book review should consult a scholarly journal to see how reviews are written. Students will find it helpful to consult book reviews in Environment and History. Journals are on the first floor reference area of tha main library.

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