Course Information

History 391: Spring 1999
Class meets: Monday and Wednesday: 10:20-11:40
Location: McDonel, Room C102
Instructor Professor Susan Sleeper-Smith
Office Hours: Monday, 4:30-5:30
Office Phone: 355-6450; Main Office: 355-7500

Course Overview

This course presents a broad overview of the transformation in the North American environment from the precontact period to the present. Our goal is to explore the ways in which diverse people perceived and organized the social, cultural, and economic aspects of their lives in relation to the natural environment and how they then reshaped that landscape based on socially constructed notions of nature and economic motivation.
Together we will explore the influence of the environment on people and people's influence on the environment. Hopefully, at the semester's end you will be able to understand the history of how people dealt with problems that affected both the lives of their fellow beings as well as that of their natural landscape. This course does not focus on the history of the environmental movement nor do I advocate any specific position.

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