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Caspar David Friedrich, "Two Men Observing the Moon"

Peter Vinten-Johansen
Michigan State University

History 337  European Intellectual History: Natural Philosophy through Romanticism

The HST 337 Syllabus
       Schedule of Assignments (Fall Semester, 2001)
       Brief minutes for class meetings

Selections from Francis Bacon's "The Great Insturation."
              Galileo, Dialogues
Selections from Newton, Principia

Study Questions and Work Sheets:
    Margaret Jacob,Cultural Meaning of the Scientific Revolution

   "Two Men Observing the Moon"
   "The Monk By the Sea"

History 338  European Intellectual History: Modernism and Post-Modernism

The HST 338 Syllabus (Spring Semester, 2002)
Schedule of Assignments (Spring Semester, 2002)
Brief minutes of class meetings

Internet Readings:
            Isaiah Berlin, Karl Marx, Ch. 9 (The International)
            Franklin L. Baumer, Modern European Thought, "Fin-de-Siecle"
            Extracts from Émile Zola, “The Experimental Novel.”

Peter Vinten-Johansen
Kristin Slattery
March 27, 2002