HST 306 - United States History Since 1920, Fall 1996

Fall 1996

Welcome to HST 306, United States History Since 1920. This course provides an in-depth look at recent United States history from the end of the First World War through the Reagan Revolution. Focus will be on economic collapse and postwar recovery through the development of the welfare-warfare state; the emergence of an affluent post-industrial society, who is included and who is left out and how daily life has changed; the immersion in world affairs from the Second World War through the Cold War; and the political and cultural responses of Americans to this time of enormous change.

This course includes a substantial internet component which includes this webpage and the online discussion list, HST 306. The HST 306 discussion list is a forum for class members to discuss their ideas about and reactions to the course materials. Information about how to subscribe to and use the discussion list, along with the HST 306 logs can be accessed from this site. The HST 306 logs will allow class participants to look back over past conversations on the discussion list, and will enable them to cite such discussions, when appropriate, in their written work. The discussion list will also be used to distribute additional course material.

The course syllabus and course readings can also be directly accessed from this site. All internet resources, documents, and articles assigned as part of this class will be available through this website. Special lecture notes and outlines are also archived for student use and reference. Weekly Assignments for this course are distributed through this page as well and can be submitted directly from this site. By completing your assignment and "submitting" it, your assignment will reach your instructor directly.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Mark Kornbluh at mark@hs1.hst.msu.edu or Melanie Shell at melanie@h-net.msu.edu.
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