Schedule of Required Reading Assignments
                                           Due Dates for Drafts/Essays (***)

Brief minutes/topics of HST 201 class sessions, including worksheet assignments, are posted on the internet
at < >, normally within two days of the last meeting. The following
schedule does not include all worksheet assignments; some will be assigned a session or two in advance.

      Meeting Date
           1    8/27     Introductory exercise: “In a Grove” – what happened (From –> To)? Organizing and
                              evaluating evidence; “Questions and Answers” (Q&A) sheet.

           2   8/29     “In a Grove” – why it happened (Because)? Structure of argument –> thesis
                              statement. Hillerman, chapters 1-4; shuffle and basic groups (Worksheets: S, SoA, TC
                              + Q&A notebook).

           3   9/3         Hillerman, chs. 5-21 (continue SoA and TC). Weekly Reading & Writing (R&W) log.

           4   9/5         Hillerman, chs. 22-30  (continue SoA and TC). Schama, 3-20, 66-70, 319-30.  Stone,
                              “History and Post-Modernism,” and “History and Post-Modernism, III.”

          5    9/10       Novick (selection from That Noble Dream). Jenkins, all front matter - 26, 59-70 (and
                              relevant notes, 71-77). R&W log.

           6   9/12       Evans, 1-63 (and relevant notes, 221ff); TC on objectivity and interpretation of
                              evidence. Jenkins, 53-57.

           7   9/17       Evans, 65-137 (and relevant notes); continue TC. Jenkins, 36-53. R&W log.

           8   9/19       Evans, 139-220 (and relevant notes); continue TC; thesis statement. Print copy of
                              Diarium from course web site, using 1" margins top & bottom, 1.5" margins left and right.
                              Font size of your choosing. Bring to class.

           9   9/24       R&W log. Have printed all G-F documents, using same margins as for Diarium. Prior
                              to class meeting, organize all documents chronologically, cutting pages where
                              necessary; be sure to note the source on each piece, and date if necessary.
                              Compile a tentative calendar (in pencil) of events.

           10  9/26     For class, prepare an SoA that gives an overview of what happened in the G-F dispute
                             each day (include abbreviated source citations that permit you to confirm your
                             evidence). Discuss Q&A notes you compiled while preparing the SoA. Use of Carrier,
                             Graves, and McGurk as reference sources to answer factual questions.

           11  10/1     R&W log. Discuss revised SoA and Q&As. Bring draft of opening paragraph(s) of
                             research paper, containing an introduction to the dispute and your interpretation of
                             what happened (your thesis statement). Use of Hacker, Pocket Style Manual, 3rd ed.

           12  10/3     Discuss revised draft of opening paragraph(s) of research paper, and progress on the
                             remainder of the draft.

        ***  10/7      Draft of partial research essay due in V-J’s box, 301 Morrill Hall, by 3:00 p.m.

           13  10/8     R&W log.  Mattingly, preface through chapter i; “A General Note on Sources” (405-
                             09). Then be sure to read the notes (410 ff.) to this chapter, and each chapter hereafter,
                             as soon as you’ve finished each chapter.

           14  10/10   Mattingly, chapters ii - ix.

           15  10/15   R&W log. Mattingly, chapters x - xvi.

           16  10/17   Mattingly, chapters xvii - xxiv.

           17  10/22   R&W log. Mattingly, chapters xxv - epilogue.

           18  10/24   Rodríguez-Salgado, et al., Armada 1588-1988 (selections).

         ***  10/28   Review essay due in V-J’s box, 301 Morrill Hall, by 3:00 p.m.

           19  10/29   R&W log. Reading and worksheet assignments in Carrier, Graves, and McGurk, as
                             well as interpretive articles (available on web site) and handouts, for the next month
                             to be announced (based on research foci in the seminar).

           20  10/31  Readings and worksheet assignments TBA.

           21  11/5    R&W log. Readings and worksheet assignments TBA.

           22  11/7    Readings and worksheet assignments TBA.

           23  11/12  R&W log. Readings and worksheet assignments TBA.

           24  11/14  Readings and worksheet assignments TBA.

           25  11/19  R&W log. Readings and worksheet assignments TBA.

           26  11/21  Readings and worksheet assignments TBA.

         ***  11/25  Complete research essay due in V-J’s box, 301 Morrill Hall, by 3:00 p.m.

           27  11/26   R&W log. Discuss final examination project on Schama’s “Death of a Harvard Man.”
                             “Poster presentations” of argument and historiography in research essay.

           28  12/3     R&W log. “Poster presentations.”

           29  12/5     “Poster presentations.”

                 12/6      Course processfolio, organized according to the check-list provided, due by 3:00 p.m.
                              in 301 MH (look for a box marked HST 201- 5 on counter near V-J’s mailbox).

  Final Exam  12/12     (Thursday) 12:45 - 2:45 p.m., in regular classroom. R&W log. History, fiction, and
                                   post-modernism in Schama and Hillerman. Course evaluations.