The Journal of the House of Lords was printed as a result of an order of the House made in 1767.  The following portion of the Journal has been edited to omit material not directly related to the Case of Goodwin v. Fortescue (JHoL, 2 n.p., n.d.: 266-68).

First Year of King James
Monday  26 March 1604

         A Motion propounded to the House by the Lord Cecyll, for a Conference to be had with a selected Number of the Common House, for the better proceeding in Union and good Consent with the said House, in such Matters as are especially to be dealt in this Parliament for Matters concerning the Publick state; and Two Particulars by his Lordship especially mentioned, videlict, concerning   Purveyors
                                  Respite of Homage
         Immediately thereupon the Proceeding in this Motion was prevented, by a like Motion, that was brought up from the Common House by Sir John Stanhope, Vice-Chamberlain to the King's Majesty, Mr. Secretary Harbert, and Sir George Carew, Vice-Chamberlain to the Queen, with other, Knights and Burgesss, for a Conference to be had with a selected Company of the Higher House, especially concerning he Matter of Wardships: whereupon Answer was returned, That the Lords do like well and commend the Motion for Conference, touching the better abovementioned: and withal, because there are divers other Things that so concern the Publick State, whereof it were likewise meet to have Conference beforehand, for the better Furtherance of the Publick  Service; it is Agreed, That it shall be signified to the Common House, That the Lords do intend also to communicate wish them some such other matters as they hold necessary to be conferred on; and that (in regard the said Matters are of Importance) their Lordships do wish them to increase their Number of Committees, which they intended to have been but Twenty-four; and that the Meeting for the said Conference might be at Two of the Clock this Afternoon, in the Outward Chamber, near the Parliament Presence.  With this Message and Answer were sent, from their Lordships, to the Common House, the Lord Chief Justice of England, Mr. Justice Yelverton, Mr. Serjeant Crooke, and Mr. Doctor Swale; who returned Answer from the said House, That they would appoint and select some Sixty Knights and Burgesses, to attend such of their Lordships as should be chosen Committees for this Conference, at the Time and Place before mentioned and appointed by their Lordships:  And thereupon Choice was made of these Lords hereunder mentioned to be the said Committee: E. Dorsett, L. Treasurer; E. Notinhan, L. Admiral and L. Stewart.  E. Suffolke, L. Chamberlain; E. of Northumberland; E. of Shrewsbury; E. of Worcester; E. of Rutland, E. of Pembroke; E. of Devonshire; E. of Northampton; L. Viscount Bindon; L. Bp. of London; L. Bp. of Durham; L. Bp. of Winchester; L. Bp. of Worcester; L. Bp. of Chester; L. Bp. of Elie; L. Cecyll; L. Zouche; L Windsor; L. Sheffield; L. Darcie of Chiche; L. Saint John; L. Burghley; L. Knollys; L. Wotton; L Sydney; L. Elesmere; L. Ruffeld; L. Danvers.
To attend the Lords:
         Lord Chief Justice
         Lord Chief Baron
         Mr. Justice Gawdy
         Mr. Justice Yelverton
         Mr. Baron Clarke
         Mr. Justice Warburton       
         Mr. Serjeant Crooke, and
         Mr. Attorney
         The Lord Chamberlain signifed unto the House, That the Earls of Southampton and Pembrook were to be excused, for their Absence from the Parliament, for some Time; for that they were commanded to wait upon the King in his Journey to Royston.

Wednesday 28 March 1604

         By reason that the Lord Chancellor and a great Part of the House, did this Day attend the King at the Court at Whitehall (where also divers of the Commons House, with the Speaker, did likewise attend His Majesty), and there continued until all the Forenoon was spent, there was nothing done this Day, but only that the Lord Chancellor, with some few Lords, did repair into the House (after their coming from the King) to perform the Sitting, and to adjourn the Court.

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