HST 201
Peter Vinten-Johansen

Course Syllabus
Schedule of Assignments
Brief Minutes/Outline of Class Meetings

The Armada:
Contemporary (official)
Modern Interpretations

Goodwin-Fortescue Dispute

 Journal of the House of Commons
 Journal of the House of Lords
 Returns of the Members of Parliament
 State Paper, Domestic
 Venetian Papers
 Hatfield House Manuscripts
 Belvoir Manuscript
 Journal of Sir Edward Montague
 The Egerton Papers
 The Winwood Memorials
 Spedding's Bacon
Form of Apology and Satisfaction, 1604
Supplement on the Elections in the Reign of Elizabeth I
A Venetian's Description of the Council, 16O3
The Millenary Petition, 1603
The King's Speech to the Parliament, 1610
The King's Speech to the Judges, 1616

Interpretive Studies

Please Note:  I have largely retained the original orthography in the documents that consitute the Goodwin-Fortescue research "packet," with the exception that names and place-names are not italicized. Typographical errors in the original remain as they appear, with a few exceptions which are indicated by square brackets. If you have any questions,  please e-mail me.

Last revised:  17 September 2002