Week Eight
March 1-3
Abbasid Civilization - religion, philosophy, science,
literature, arts and law


The Pharmacy - from De Materia Medica of Dioscorides. Arabic translation, Baghdad, Iraq, 1224 (621 A.H.}
Metropolitan Museum of Art, new York: Cora Timken Burnett Bequst, No. 57.51.21

  • First Essay Due Tuesday March 1. Exam/Essay #1.
  • There is no class on Thursday, March 3.
  • Kennedy, 156-197.
  • Gaston Wiet, "The Golden Age of Arab and Islamic Culture." Study Guide for Wiet.
        and one of the following [depending on your preference for reading about law, medicine or science].
  • Joseph Schacht, "Law and Justice" in Islam.  Study Guide for Schacht.
  • Seyyid Nasr, "Science and Civilization in Islam." Study Guide for Nasr.
  • David W. Tschanz, "The Arab Roots of European Medicine."
    Complete one form this week - due Sunday February 27.

Additional Readings for Week Eight.