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Mediterranean:  Areas Out of Sight of Land

Alexander's Journey 

Roman Empire

Roman Middle East - general map

Roman Northwestern Syria and Mt. Amanus

Roman Arabia, with Sinai, the Red Sea, and the Hedjaz

Roman African Frontier 

Roman Arabian Frontier 

Roman Armenian Frontier 

Roman British Frontier 

Roman Danube Frontier 

Roman Rhine Frontier 

Roman Middle East - 118-161 C.E.

Roman Syrian Frontier 

Roman Egypt

Indian Ocean in Roman Times

Ancient Asia Minor

Asia Minor Under Greeks and Romans

Eastern Half of the Roman Empire

End of Roman Metal Production

Late Roman Ceramics - 4th century

Late Roman Ceramics - 6th century

Egypt under Byzantine rule

Europe 600 C.E.

Sasanian Empire

Middle East on the Eve of the Muslim Era

The Arab-Muslim Empire to 750 C.E.

Iraq and Baghdad in the Early 'Abbasid Era

'Abbasid Syria circa 800 C.E.

North Africa, Spain, and the Mediterranean in the Ninth Century C.E.

Middle East in the Late 10th Century C.E.

North Africa, Spain, and the Mediterranean in the Late 11th Century C.E.

The Middle East in the Ghaznavid Era: early 11th Century C.E.

Mediterranean Lands in 1097

The Seljuk Empire in the Late 11th Century C.E.

Egypt and Syria, Showing Crusader States in the 12th Century C.E.

Mediterranean Lands After 1204

Europe and the Byzantine Empire About 1000 C.E.

Tribal Arabia

Iraq at the time of the Islamic conquest

Syria at the time of the Islamic Conquest

Khalid b. al-Walid's Campaigns

Byzantine Empire c. 1140 C.E.

Mongol Empires of 13th Century C.E.