Week Two Class Presentations

Four major religions' origins in the Middle East:  [in chronological order - Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Islam]

    all of them:  transcendental and universal

Rome - capital established in east - Constantinople

    adopt Christianity as the state religion - what did this mean?
    development of Christianity under state auspices - Church councils - creation of "heresies"
        Arian - Nicaea
        Nestorian - Ephesus
        Monophysite - Chalcedon

Persia - why was Iran important from classical Greek times until 7th century?

Sassanian dynasty -
    Ferdausi - Shahnameh

Royal Road

Social estates:
    farmers, traders, craftsmen

Why do we know so little about Sassanian society and government?
    destruction of archives, written record
    depend on "outsiders" for information about them

Adopt Zoroastrianism as state religion