Kresge Art Museum Project
Due April 12 Thursday

Kresge Art Museum has been exceptionally lucky to acquire a number of art works from the Middle East.  In this “project”, you should examine the pieces noted in the project, and answer the following questions about each of them: [be sure to read the labels!]
1.    Describe the piece and indicate,. as best you can, where, when, and how it was made.
2.    What do you believe its purpose to have been?

Then, at the end of the project, discuss what contributions “material culture” – that is, things produced by people – can make to an understanding of a time, place or people.

·    The painting “The Death of Muhammad”
·    The painting “Constellation Bootes”
·    The painting “Bizan and the Pit”
·    The Qur’an page
·    The Jewish Ketubbah
·    The mosaic floor fragment
·    Hand-made book covers
·    The clay “water filter”

You can ask the attendant at the front desk of the museum to point you towards the pieces – most are in the “Islamic art” section.