Temples at Jerusalem

Reconstruction of Solomon's Temple in a 19th century print. The Tabernacle and Court in the Wilderness were created according to strict geometric shapes and proscribed dimensions.

This is a model of the ancient city of Jerusalem, with the Temple at the center. Strategically located in the middle of lands occupied by the Israelite tribes and on a high plateau overlooking the central hills and the Judaean desert, jerusalem was captured c. 1000 BCE by King David and made into his capital. The next king, Solomon, built the First Temple to serve as the center of the worship for the Israelite god, Yahweh. Solomon's Temples was destroyed during the Neo-Babylonian sack of the city in 587 BCE, but a modest structure was soon rebuilt and later replaced by the magnificent Second Temple, which was built by King Herod in the last decades of the first century BCE. This model represents the city in Second Temple times.

The Biblical account of Solomon's Temple, appears in 1 Kings, chpt. 6: